Wednesday, April 01, 2009

George Galloway refused entry into Canada

I am slightly late on this, but it is curious that George Galloway, who supported the ban of Dutch MP Geert Wilders (because free speech is not an absolute) is complaining about the Canadian government refusing him entry because of his views on Afghanistan and his support for Hamas and Hizbollah. The decision has been upheld by a court appeal.

Galloway, you see, has said explicitly that he provided financial support to Hamas - an organisation that trains and arms suicide bombers, that produces television calling for children to be martyrs against Israel. Here is a video of him supporting suicide bombing and Hamas, Hizbollah and

He also has denied the genocide in Darfur, defended the Islamist dictator of Sudan Omar al-Bashir who is subject to an arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Of course who can forget him saluting Saddam Hussein for his "courage and indefatigability", his friendship with dictator Fidel Castro. He also has spoken of how lucky Syria is to have Bashar al-Assad as President - who holds onto power much like Saddam did - running a one party state.

Galloway is a vile creature, who tells one story to the mainstream British media, whilst essentially befriending the enemies of Western civilisation and liberal democracy. He is a willing whore to murdering dictators and terrorists. It is no wonder Canada excludes him, as he happily supports enemies of Canada.

If I were a resident of Bethnal Green & Bow for the 2010 General Election I'd vote Labour to remove this vermin of the political system.

Hat tip: "Tony Blair" blog (well not really him)


Anonymous said...

Well what story you have produced on George Galloway, a man who because of his humaniatian beliefs took and aid convoy to Gaza. Your spiteful venom directed at him makes me believe you are probably are Jewish!!!

Libertyscott said...

Yes SUCH a humanitarian - supporting Saddam Hussein - a man who used chemical weapons on his own population, and executed people on a whim, supporting Hamas, suicide bombers who incite children to blow themselves up, supporting the Soviet Union, a dark deadly regime that sucked the life, the truth and the creativity out of three generations of Russians and their neighbours, supporting Bashir Assad, a man who imprisons and tortures anyone who dares question his dictatorship, supporter of Fidel Castro, a man who has spent the last 50 year bullying the people of Cuba into accepting his absolute rule without question.

Take your imbecilic bigotry and drag your knuckles to Galloways' electorate office where you too can perform fellatio on him. If you think Galloway helping Gaza makes up for his warm embrace of murdering tyrants, it goes along well with your shallow anti-semitism.

Then you might grow up and realise that I couldn't care less who calls me Jewish or indeed any ethnicity. Ethnicity is in the mind. Maybe if you read more widely on this blog, you'll learn more about treating people as individuals, not mindlessly collectivising everyone.