Thursday, May 21, 2009

Irish scandal rocking government

The report from the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse in Ireland is sending significant shockwaves through government and communities in Ireland. Quite rightly so.

One of the scandals behind this Commission is how the Congregation of Christian Brothers successfully sued the Commission to prevent its members being named in the report. What is that if it isn't institutional shame and coverup of crime? That ISN'T just individuals, it is a subset of the Church protecting its own. Indeed it appears the Christian Brothers have more allegations against them than any other group running institutions.

It appears there has been revelations of many more people coming forward since this report was published, with their own stories. It has opened a wound that not only implicates the Church, but also the State and indeed a past culture in Irish society that promoted a culture of silence and not questioning the authority of the Church IMBLATA (Irish Man Boy Love and Torture Association).

It would be nice if the Congregation of Christian Brothers would be excommunicated, and have their assets confiscated to help pay compensation to the victims. I look forward to the outraged Catholics demanding this - a cozy little club of child torturers and rapists.

In fact, why don't you email the Congregation of Christian Brothers in Ireland, the email addresses are here, and ask them to publish the names of those who abused children, to expel them from their organisation, to help the victims of abuse to prosecute them.

The point is simple, either the Church purges itself, or it will have slipped another mile down the moral authority scale.

Oh and don't even start to say "what about abortion". To even start to think that legal abortion (outside Ireland) excuses the torture of children on such a grand and systemic scale shows complete moral bankruptcy. It's never a defence to say "but you're not catching everyone who is evil".


Sally said...

Thanks Liberty Scott for your suggestion of emailing the brothers.
Email has just been sent.

adamsmith1922 said...


Sally left details of your suggestion at my blog. Good idea.

Personally I think the Roman Catholic Church has forfeited any moral authority it may once have had.

BTW in one paper yesterday I read that one Irish prelate was taking legal action to avoid disclosing information as to what was known.


Sus said...

Yes, AS, if that newspaper report is true, "disgusting" is putting it mildly.

Agree with Sally; I've sent my email and forwarded the address you provided, Scott.

Many thanks for that -- and the informative posts. It sickens me to my stomach.