Tuesday, May 26, 2009

North Korea goes on an explosive spree

First a nuclear test, now a couple of missiles, you'd think Kim Jong Il was desperate for attention.

Well he is.

That's all it is about. He wants attention, and to be given millions of dollars to keep calm and not threaten south Korea, Japan and the USA. The truth is he is highly unlikely to do anything more than do a few tests and shoot the odd missile into the sky. So he simply shouldn't be bought out, but the US should make it very clear what happens if North Korea DOES attack - annihilation.

You see the only real option in response to any North Korean nuclear attack is massive retaliation - destroying Pyongyang, and the annihilation of military targets across the country. Kim Jong Il's faithful underlings need to know that if he wants to take them all down that path, they will face annihilation. There must be the full understanding that there is no hope of victory, that their legacy will have been to support a man who brought annihilation and death to Korea, and to themselves and their loved ones.

Indeed, it has been that threat that has kept the peace on the Korean peninsula since 1953 (by and large), and it is one the Obama Administration cannot flinch from.

I don't believe Kim Jong Il will do more than sabre rattle, as he just gets upset that North Korea hasn't got much modern technology and the people outside Pyongyang live an African peasant existence of subsistence, coupled with Orwellian fear and rampant corruption. He wants to frighten the world to give him aid. The world should resist. The only way forward for North Korea is openness and non-aggression - sadly the entire regime is the antithesis of both of these words. It is the most closed and most aggressive regime anywhere - aggressive towards its own people most of all!


Anonymous said...

Yes he does want attention and we are giving it to him. Ironic isn't it?

Anonymous said...

He's barmy. Do you think the threat of annihilation worries him at all? Are there any advisers around him that are more than sycophants? That is to me the real worry.


Falafulu Fisi said...

Obama should strike the facilities at North Korea as a show of force or warning that if they continue, then bigger & sustained strike will be coming.

The other option is the US should accept that North Korea is a nuclear state (the same as Pakistan & India) where they can't do anything about it, then just leave the bugger alone, except perhaps to interdict all ships coming out of North Korea and search if they carry nuclear technology machines aiming to sell to other rogue states.

The US should encourage Japan to go nuclear, because Japan now fears that their security is at stake here with North Korea as a nuclear state. Japan will be prompted to go nuclear which in turn scare the shit out of the Chinese if Japan is re-armed (the Japs got the money & brain-power to build nukes in a few months, not years). If Japan move this way , re-arming (including nuclear capability), then it is the fault of the Chinese for allowing North Korea to go nuclear. China has been shielding North Korea for a long time. Japan should re-armed itself, because all Obama is doing in Washington is just singing goombaya, hoping that diplomacy will one day work in which case Obama is deluded to think that way.

heisenbug said...

Obama won't do squat. He's an apologist for mediocrity, an economic illiterate, a hater of freedom, and he won't do anything about either Iran or North Korea and they know it.