Sunday, May 24, 2009

Obama sticks a finger up New Zealand

The Obama Administration, true to form, has decided to subsidise dairy exports. Given the Bush Administration sought global agreement to abolish agricultural export subsidies (and the EU - meaning the French - didn't want to), it demonstrates a great leap backwards for international trade.
Yes, all you fawning cheerleaders of the great leftwing change merchant, he's basically told the efficient dairy industry in New Zealand to go fuck itself. Federated Farmers have already responded calling the US dairy lobby a "compost heap" (which has made Lindsay Perigo smile).
Ironic that Maryan Street is calling for strong protests, because I'd put a bet that she and the rest of the Labour caucus cheered Obama's election, despite his record in supporting higher agricultural subsidies being clear.
Yes, it shouldn't surprise. The Obama Administration is no friend of free trade, which means it is no friend of the economies of other countries. It's a friend of big fat taxpayer thieving mud rolling stinking pork - change you can believe in? Yep, if you believe in subsidising inefficient producers to screw US taxpayers, and efficient dairy producers the world over.
Thanks for nothing Mr President.


Sus said...

Correct, Scott.

Correct, too, re Maryan Street & co cheering Obama's victory last year. I still believe they chose 8 Nov for our election date for its being a few days after America's -- where they hoped to ride his socialist coat-tails back in to power.

Which raises this question: if our socialists are denouncing trade subsidies, they demonstrate that they are officially opposed to traditional socialist economic philosophy.

Which leaves social(ist) engineering as their primary focus?

Kool Aid said...

It was progressive fuckwits like you that enabled him to be elected.

Grow some brains you naive fools.

libertyscott said...

Kool Aid: Go fuck yourself, if you read the archive you'll find I supported McCain, I have never supported Obama.

Sally said...

Kool Aid needs to cool her addled brain.