Monday, November 02, 2009

Caveat emptor on Destiny Church surely

That's all there is worth saying about this case from the Taranaki Daily News.

If you enter a relationship with someone who is deeply religious, or as a couple enter a deeply fundamentalist religion, and you find the religion gets between you and your partner, why should you be surprised?

Unless the church or your partner forced you, you have a mind. Use it. If you fail to do so, then caveat emptor (and with Density Church you most certainly are "buying").

As much as I have no time for religion personally, the fact remains it is voluntary for adults. The state is not. If you think Destiny Church is a rip off, then don't go and warn others to not go if you wish. If you think the government is a rip off, then your only choice is to complain, or leave to experience another one, which rips you off in a different way.


Senior Pastor Brian Tamariki said...

Of course we have to force out the husbands, so there are more Wives available for the senior members to marry. The number of women you are married to is a measure of how godly you are.

Senior Pastor Brian Tamariki

libertyscott said...

"It is written" no doubt.