Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another sign of peace in Iraq

Lufthansa is to be the first major airline to restart flights into Baghdad from later this year.

Austrian Airlines flies to Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan, but Lufthansa will be a big sign of confidence in Baghdad and Iraq. It will no doubt suddenly make Lufthansa the preferred carrier to Baghdad, although not the first Star Alliance carrier (as Turkish Airlines flies from Baghdad to Istanbul).

Let's hope the confidence is well placed.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I hope it does all work out but I've read that the only reason bombings have eased off a bit is because the US is paying the war lords not to bomb. The British were successful with this tactic in the North West Frontier (now Afghanistan) in the 19th century. It all came horribly unstuck when the government decided that too much money was being spent and suspended payments. The result was an uprising and the complete destruction of the British army garrisoned at Kabul.