Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Diet - Obama style

President Obama is going to freeze government spending for three years.

Wow, attention grabbing, looks like he's going to be tough on the growth of government and ensure better spending.

Well, not until you read the fine print. He's exempting:
Social security (20%)
Welfare (16%)
Medicare and Medicaid (21%) (oh but it's all private in America say the left!)
Veteran's affairs (1.5%)
Homeland Security (1.2%)
and about another 1% of spending.

Beyond that he can't cut around 5% which is debt servicing.

So about two-thirds of federal spending is untouched, and even his grand diet on spending will only slow down the growth of the deficit. So it will get fatter, a little bit slower. Because whatever cuts happen, they are more than offset by the burgeoning growth in these other areas and Obama's grand plans to invest waste money on pork barrel projects, and expanding healthcare.

So that inspired me to dream up a diet for people to lose weight the same way as President Obama proposes to bring government spending under control

Don't snack or eat high fat or high simple carbohydrate foods is how to announce it, but...

This does not apply to chocolate, fish and chips (and other deep fried food), pies, ice cream, pizza, burgers, cakes, biscuits, sugary drinks, beer, sweets and potato chips.

Call it the Obama diet, think of it as having diet Coke while you eat a double whopper burger with supersize fries at Burger King. After all, you could have had cheese with it.

(Hat tip: Not PC)


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