Sunday, January 17, 2010

Silence from the anti-Americans

If you absorb the sneering, semi-automatic anti-Americanism of the left, which is seen in the words of many intellectuals, journalists and bloggers, you'd assume the USA engages with other countries purely in an exercise of imperialism. It intervenes where there is oil to plunder.

So when the USA goes to the aid of Haiti, on a grand scale, when there is no apparent economic imperative, then you notice how silent the left are. How so many of them, who probably haven't contributed a thing to any aid appeals, don't say "thank you USA", or notice that even with rampant budget deficits, the USA is still prepared to help on a scale that dwarfs all others. US$100 million in emergency aid, and a flotilla of vessels and aircraft bringing in rescue crews and supplies.

The nasty comment from the vile Lumumba di-Aping, comparing developed country approaches to climate change as "a solution based on the same values that funnelled six million people in Europe into furnaces" is shown up for the disgusting, dishonest envy that permeates so much of the politics around the developing world. "Give us more" they all want, so many unprepared to produce the conditions that generate wealth in the first case. It doesn't matter that because of the wealth of the USA, it can afford to go in, anywhere in the world, and save lives - with a spirit of benevolence you will find rare in any of the kleptocratic criminal gangs that call themselves governments in much of the world.

It isn't an act of self sacrifice of course. The USA knows that a healthy vibrant Haiti is good for the Caribbean, and good for the US. It would no longer be a source of refugees, but a potential trading partner.


scrubone said...

Sorry, but I think this counts.

A large article in New Zealand's biggest newspaper that manages to find as many ways as possible to blame the whole thing on Bush.

Anonymous said...

I cannot find out what the fraternal socialist brotherhood nations of Cuba and Venezuela have contributed to helping a neighbor.

As for other misunderstood nations such as Iran, North Korea or any of the wealthy Arabic states, what have they contributed?

The American people are extremely generous to other nations during times of crisis. This is something many on the left and assorted American-haters conveniently ignore.

Ford Anglia

libertyscott said...

Scrubone: Yes you're right, that article is so full of errors it isn't funny.

Anonymous: The oil rich Arab states have made contributions in kind and financially. I can't vouch for the rest.

Anonymous said...

Good on the US for going to Haitis aid (the US government has traditionally been generous in these situations). However where does this leave libertarians, other than blogging furiously with egg conspicuously on their faces? A fundamental corner stone of libertarian belief is that charity has to be private. Of course much charity is just that, but there are situations where governments simply have to step in. Governments from around the world, including NZ, have moved quickly to give much needed aid. Can you imagine Oxfam and the like struggling with this disaster without government help? Ian

libertyscott said...

Civil defence is a function states can perform as an adjunct to defence forces. A key function required in Haiti is law and order, which is being provided in part because it is in the interests of the US and its neighbours for Haiti to be stable, and it is simple human benevolence.