Monday, February 08, 2010

Since when does 100% = 50%?

When you read it in the Dominion Post, reporting on proposed bus fare increases in Wellington:

"One option would mean the $1 city-section fare would be replaced by an increased one-zone cash fare of $2.

That would effectively mean inner-city bus passengers were facing a 50 per cent increase in bus fares"

Hmmm, good job paid journalists are out there making sure they double check stories and are so thorough, unlike those rogue bloggers right?

So Kerry Williamson let's learn maths:

$2 = $1 + $1

$1 = 100% of $1

Therefore an increase from $1 to $2 is?

Oh and while you're figuring that one out, how about a real question, such as what is the current proportion of cost recovery from bus fares in Wellington? What is the average subsidy per trip and per km? How many services are commercial (unsubsidised)?

For example, on average 51.5% of public transport costs are recovered from fares, is it planned to increase that, as that is the lowest level for Wellington in a four year period surveyed by NZTA?

In other words, how about some information that doesn't just involve reporting what the Greater Wellington Regional Council says?

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