Thursday, April 29, 2010

UK election : Vote BNP if you're not white British?

The Independent reports that the BNP is proposing to GIVE £50,000 in resettlement grants, per person, to "non white British" residents of the UK to leave. I suspect the BNP feels its core vote of racist envy dripping malcontents is drifting away.

As someone who would undoubtedly be classified as "white British" given my parentage, I'm outraged.

For if the BNP ever got into power, I'd happily want to take £50,000 and flee to a country that wasn't being run by knuckle dragging, semi-articulate, barely literate incompetents. Of course, if that was a real possibility, the £ sterling would already have plummeted to parity with the Kiwi drachma.


KG said...

No matter how you may feel about them, it doesn't take a slip of the microphone to know where they stand.
And they're the only party that's been pointing out the dangers inherent in and the damage caused by out-of-control immigration.


Now now Liberty.
50,000 quid is probably a bargain to get rid of some people I have read about who come to britain and live on benefits, get a houseful of kids, and the house is a posh one in a nice part of town and the housing benefit amounts to thousands a week.