Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A touch of North Korea for New Zealand

I can tell from first hand experience, that this story from Not PC, is philosophically and ethically identical to how north Korea sees its citizens.

You are owned by the state, your property is the property of the state if it so wishes, the state is sovereign.   You are to take this as an honour more than anything else.

Moreover, individuals whose greatest achievement is stringing together some sentences in Microsoft Word dare tell those who have worldwide acclaim for REAL achievement (and his wife) that their property is somehow more special if the party state sees it as special for the nation.

The NZ Herald reported: "Ministry for Culture and Heritage chief executive Lewis Holden said today its focus was on getting the watch back because of its heritage and historic importance to New Zealand."

So a collective nation carries "importance", like it has a collective brain, and therefore Holden (now there is a name with heritage for some) must get zee watch back!! It is too important for the people, the party, the state, the nation for filthy foreigners to get their hands on it.

The appropriate response to this is a two fingered obscenity.

Yet one could ask the Minister and the government if it approves of such nationalisation of private property of the family of famous achieving New Zealanders.

Of course the real reason any of this is happening is a family feud, whereby the progeny of Sir Edmund Hillary are upset that mum is selling the watches.  Who is right? I am not in a position to say, it should  be a matter for the courts. What should only be a dispute about chattels among relatives now has the state stomping in, invited of course, by the same progeny (after all, they deserve more than simple property law to mediate such disputes) to nationalise the disputed property.

There hasn't, of course, been a peep from the government, in any party, just going to show, once again, that ACT can't even raise a peep when its alleged principles are sold out like, well any politician really.

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Jeremy Harris said...

The worst part is that now that the High Court has put an injunction on the sale, the watch is being returned to NZ and Lady Hillary has to pay $105,000 for the auction even though it was cancelled... Fair enough as she gets a chance to get it back in the High Court if she can prove her case over the Hillary children but if the MoCH get the watch do you think they'll compensate her (or the children) - like hell they will...