Monday, September 05, 2011

Maori don't want to work and prefer welfare

Waikato University activist E. Powell today said that "Most Maori don't want to work, they'd rather sit around and live off other taxpayers and will mug and steal if they aren't given welfare ".  He said that, Maori "do bring with them, as much as they deny it, an attitude of brown supremacy, and that is fostered by the country".  He says movement of such Maori from different parts of the country should be restricted because it threatens race relations.

Powell said "New Zealanders generally support Asian immigration because they aren't lazy and don't come to live off the taxpayer, and Maori who understand a culture of hard work, independence and non-violence"...."They are in a minority just like Maori in this country. You have a minority of Maori who are very good, they recognise the racism, they object to it and speak out strongly against it"

Apparently in New Zealand it is acceptable free speech to stereotype different races and demand immigration restrictions based on race, based on simply making up what you think people are like as a group.

Nothing else can justify a university professor talking like this and still keeping her taxpayer paid job. 

Of course, while New Zealand has Margaret Mutu, South Africa has Julius Malema.  Racist, calculating, hate filled authoritarians, who if given the chance would happily kill those who oppose them.   They both embrace political violence, they both should be treated with the contempt that fascists are typically treated.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where you have based your research on but if this is the truth you must ask yourself, why do Maori people feel this way and research from the very beginning, meaning from kohanga reo, to primary school, to intermediate, to high school, to home life and circumstances, education about life in general. Not all of us are fortunate to get the right guidance regarding basic life skills and moral. You need to do more factual investigation of your own with all of the maori people and stop looking at statistics based on 1000 Maori beneficiaries indviduals in the whole of New Zealand. Start printing some positive news about the good things our people achieve.