Thursday, June 28, 2012

Union and religious bullies tell you when your business can trade

Once again, union bosses and socialists - most of whom haven't created wealth from scratch in their entire lives - have found common cause with conservative Christians, in blocking legislation that would have allowed businesses to open the days they want to - this time in Timaru only.

For shame. 

I expect it of the nasty little busybodies in the Green and Labour parties, who can't even let an owner-operator business open the days he wants to, who embrace the religious (who they spurn most of the time), because they fear that some more people might feel like they have to work on a public holiday.

It is not about allowing people to shop.  It is about allowing property owners to decide when they can open their businesses to trade. THEIR businesses, not Maxine Gay's, not Peter Shearer's. 

It's none of your bloody business.

Same to the petty preachers who think because it is against THEIR religious belief to do business on certain days, think they should by force demand others obey their beliefs.
Get out of the way.   The fact that National MPs opposed this shows that the shadow of Rob Muldoon hangs over this party with such gutless "pragmatic" despisers of choice and free enterprise.

Jacqui Dean's attempt to let her constituents decide for themselves if they wanted to open on Good Friday and/or Easter Sunday, has been thwarted by 70 MPs who think they know best.

Yes it was only Timaru, but so what?  It is one step towards freedom.  If only more constituency MPs would do the same, then the country could see tiny roll backs across the land, and eventually they might get it that there is no point having such laws at all.

It wouldn't be compulsory to open on those days.  Where is there a law making that compulsory?  Who even suggests that, except those with the warped post-modernist belief in floating strawmen that distract from the real argument - property rights.

I haven't seen the breakdown of who voted on this Bill, but all those who opposed it have shown themselves up for what they are - petty minded little busybodies who think they know best how ordinary men and women, shopkeepers, run THEIR businesses.  Forgetting of course, that these business owners are those who pay the wages of the MPs and indeed the edifice of the state these MPs so love to harness to do their bidding.

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Kiwiwit said...

Yes, it is pretty appalling, when you think about, that the full power of the state - the power ultimately to shoot you for not complying with the law - is brought to bear to stop an otherwise law-abiding shopkeeper from selling something to an otherwise law-abiding shopper.

And the proponents of this think they are humanitarian end of the political spectrum?