Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Naughty Brisbane Metro

Don't joke about the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

The owners and staff of Brisbane Metro (and Melbourne mX) will be first up against the wall if the world revolution comes embracing the Juche idea...

The use of language is astonishing and has to put most journalists to shame.   I've highlighted a few choice pieces.  I doubt very much if this event will go down in history for longer than about a week, but what is more astonishing is that someone picked up on this either online or in Australia to get the apparatchiks at the KCNA fired up over it.  North Korea's internet presence is progressively growing.

Naughty Brisbane Metro Challenges Olympic Spirit: KCNA Commentary Pyongyang, August 7 (KCNA)

The Australian newspaper Brisbane Metro behaved so sordid as to describe the DPRK as "Naughty Korea" when carrying the news of London Olympics standings. 

This is a bullying act little short of insulting the Olympic spirit of solidarity, friendship and progress and politicizing sports. Media are obliged to lead the public in today's highly-civilized world where mental and cultural level of mankind is being displayed at the highest level. 

Brisbane Metro deserves criticism for what it has done. The paper behaved so foolish as to use the London Olympics that has caught the world interest for degrading itself. 

The paper hardly known in the world must have thought of making its existence known to the world by joining other media in reporting the Olympic news. Then it should have presented its right appearance to the world. 

Editors of the paper were so incompetent as to tarnish the reputation of the paper by themselves by producing the article like that. There is a saying "A straw may show which way the wind blows". A single article may exhibit the level of the paper. 

Many people were unanimous in denouncing the small paper for defaming the mental and moral aspects of the players of the DPRK who earned recognition from several appreciative world famous media. Even hostile forces toward the DPRK heaped praises on its players' successful performance at the London Olympics, saying that "Korea whirlwind" sweeps the world. The Australian paper cooked up the way of moneymaking, challenging the authority of the dignified sovereign state. The paper deserves a trifle sum of dirty money. 

As already known, it was reported that a lot of petty thieves sneaked into the London Olympics together with tourists. Players fight to the finish in the stadium, but those petty thieves demonstrate their "skills" outside the stadium. The paper Brisbane Metro is little different from those petty thieves. In a word, the paper discredited itself. How pitiful it is. 

The Brisbane Metro will remain as a symbol of rogue paper for its misdeed to be cursed long in Olympic history. The infamy is the self-product of the naughty paper Brisbane Metro which dared challenge the spirit of Olympic, common desire and unanimous will of mankind. 


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From now on N Korea will be naughty korea.

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