Monday, November 19, 2012

Gaza could have chosen peace but no

You'll see lots of reports of the destruction in Gaza from the BBC and CNN and other "well-balanced" Western news networks, you might wonder about what's been going on in the other direction...

Just 115 rockets fired from Gaza into Israel - that's Israel proper, the part that Palestinians usually cite as not being occupied, in one day.

The difference is that Gaza's weapons are poorer technology and less well targeted than Israel's.

You see Palestinians in Gaza, not in the West Bank (where they are governed by Fatah, which officially recognises the state of Israel and has explicitly renounced terrorism), have chosen to wage war against Israel - which withdraw from Gaza, including dismantling all Jewish settlements.

They could have set up a free trade zone, offering to make it the Dubai on the Mediterranean, seeking its port to be a gateway to a trading hub, because they have the potential.  It could have become a sliver of land of prosperity and peace, and been an example to prove to Israel that Palestinians can shed the image of being worshippers of death, accelerating the day that Israel does grant them statehood over the Gaza and a negotiated portion of the West Bank.

No.  That was too hard.


Mark Hubbard said...

Also, despite unavoidable misses given Hamas have installed themselves deliberately within their populace, the Israelis are only ever targeting Hamas, whereas Hamas are deliberating targeting Israeli civilians. And never forget who fired the first rocket.

Anonymous said...

Exactly right -spot-on!

I have NO sympathy at all for the Fakestinians.

They have received **tens of BILLIONS** of dollars in "aid". It has all either been siphoned off by their corrupt leaders or been spent on guns, bullets and rockets.

That amount of aid is **FAR MORE** than Germany and Japan COMBINED received in help after WW2!

Indeed, I've seen an article which states that since the Oslo Accords, the Fakestinians have recived **FOUR TIMES** the amount (per person) that Europe received in the Marshall Plan.

What a bunch of stroppy, evil, hateful, ignorant, useless and LAZY **PRICKS**.

I tell you what - the Irish (northern AND southern) could teach them a thing or two.
At least Ireland is **trying** to put decades of war behind them, and KUDOS to them for that.
Fat chance that the Fakestinians will ever do the same.