Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Launching my UK blog

Yes, I have had enough of maintaining a dual existence in one place.  I have decided to put all of my writings on UK politics in one place, largely because that is where much of my focus now is.

Of course I am still following New Zealand politics and will write on them, and more widely here.  I will also still post short links to the UK posts here, but will not be clogging this up with UK focused material that NZ and other readers are uninterested in.  I simply couldn't go from writing about north Korea, then the NHS to whether Auckland should have an underground railway and think I had a consistency of target audience there!

So please go visit.  My latest post is on the cross-party agreement on press regulation in the UK, and the excellent editorial by City AM Editor Allister Heath, who is the UK's best and only libertarian newspaper editor.   Even if you are not interested in business and financial news, reading his editorial every day is a warm reminder that belief in capitalism, free markets and freedom more broadly, is not just held by a few.

Heath made some core points worth summarising here:

- Consensus in politics is a disaster. "Conformity stinks, it leads to freedoms being curtailed, pockets being picked and a conspiracy against the public interest";

- "There is no way that Britain's new framework would ever be possible in the US";

- The criminal behaviour of journalists was and is criminal, there is no need any new laws;

- "The many are paying for the sins of the few";

- "we have fallen out of love with freedom";

- "Freedom, ultimately is indivisible; the only reason why regulation of the media didn't happen any sooner was because newspapers were too influential.  Now that their power is waning, they are fair game, like everything and everybody else".

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workingman said...

Looking forward to the new blog. I am the opposite, from the UK now living in NZ, so keeping an eye on what is happening in my old country. Very sad.