Monday, April 13, 2015

Proper political interviews from the UK...

Whether he stays or goes should be irrelevant, because incisive political interviewing on New Zealand television is, at best, as scarce as a Macaya Breast Spot Frog.

So for my kiwi friends, I thought I'd show you what exactly you are missing out on.  Bear in mind that while the UK is not devoid of decent political interviewing, it isn't common here, and the best of the current lot - Andrew Neil - has been prohibited, by the Conservative and Labour Parties, from interviewing the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition.

Why?  Because he asks straight questions, seeks sources, has research done to find contradictions between statements of others from the same party, stops politicians taking over interviews and refuses to let evasive answers be tolerated.

Enjoy, imagine this in New Zealand.... (and yes I know Lindsay Perigo would deliver, but New Zealand broadcasters have been braindead on current affairs for over 20 years now, so I've lost all hope)

Exhibit 1:  At 4:09 watch Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett get grilled on the parties far left spending spree lunacy and economic illiteracy, and belief that belonging to ISIS and Al Qaeda shouldn't be a crime in itself.

Exhibit 2: At 4:00, watch Labour Deputy Leader Harriet Harman tie herself up in her own party's policy contradictions, helped along by a proper interview.   

Exhibit 3: At 4:05  watch UKIP Leader Nigel Farage get grilled about the comments of some candidates (this is a year ago, before two Conservative MPs resigned, defected to UKIP and got re-elected at by-elections)

Exhibit 4: From the start, Scottish National Party Deputy Leader quizzed over its policy of unilateral nuclear disarmament.

Exhibit 5: From 1:55 Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Liberal Democrat MP Danny Alexander, on the failures of increasing capital gains tax to raise additional revenue, including near the end, the Liberal Democrats not having paid the bill for policing at its previous conference.

Exhibit 6: From 1:04, Transport Secretary, Conservative MP Patrick McLoughlin, confronted about security at railway stations, environmental approach to transport.

 and more if you like....

Exhibit 7: Labour MP for Rotherham, Sarah Champion, after a damning report indicated that a (permanently) Labour dominated Council in the town had concealed and negligently ignored cases of sexual abuse of young girls by gangs of men, who were predominantly (although not exclusively) Muslim of Pakistani extraction.  One of the reasons was a politically correct fear of victimising the abusers, because of their religious/ethnic background.   She copes well.

Exhibit 8:  From the start. Business Minister, Jo Swinson of the Liberal Democrats, justifying the UK not building more airport runways, when capacity has been built in Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt, then being eviscerated about proposals for wealth taxes.

Exhibit 9:  From 2:50, main segment from around 5:05 Asim Qureshi, research director of CAGE, an organisation accused of having Islamist sympathies concealed under an agenda of civil liberties, with former Labour and Conservative Ministers.  This interview effectively saw the end of Amnesty International and several other charitable bodies supporting CAGE.

Exhibit 10 : From the start, Business Minister Matthew Hancock, Conservative MP, grilled over cuts in benefits.

Exhibit 11 : From the start, Conservative Chairman Grant Shapps grilled over fear about UKIP

Exhibit 12: Labour Shadow Treasury Minister Shabanna Mahmood eviscerated defending its policy on scrapping non-domicile status, a few months after its Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer said it would cost money.  She changes the policy in effect at 4:38 she is effectively roasted for not having sources for claims.  Conservative Minister gets the same treatment afterwards

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