06 August 2014

The Greens - nationalising children so you can pay for everyone else's

So the Greens are cleverly pulling at the heart strings, with images of children and landscapes. You're meant to vote for them, yep, someone else's kid, because the Greens think we all belong to everyone else.   It's the antithesis of individuals living their lives responsibly and interacting freely with one another, but rather the heavy hand of the #lovenz state taking your money out of "love" to pay for other people who at best don't care about where it came from, and at worst hold you in contempt (you rich c*** you, probably with Pakeha and male privilege that you inherited from your thieving racist/sexist ancestors, go on feel the guilt). 

People who breed and barely raise kids at all, who then go on to repeat the cycle, maybe bullying your kids in the process, or (the Greens hope) become angry political activists who go on to talk to the hilariously named Child Poverty Action Group (so named because it undertakes the minimal possible action to address child poverty by simply demanding the state do something about it with other people's money).  

"Our" children, not your children, not their parents' children, but the children of everyone.  Children that are the responsibility of society, the state, of you.  Children you didn't give birth to, you didn't sire, who aren't being brought up responsibly, who were bred by people who couldn't pay for them, are an impost upon you.

How heartless for you to question that.

How cruel for you to not want more of your money, your earnings, to be taken by the state to give to the people who didn't think enough before having children they couldn't pay for.

Your responsibility, your competency and prudence in providing for you and your family means you are charged with supporting those without responsibility.

However, don't think about the parents, the men and women who couldn't be bothered to use contraception, when it has never been more readily available, think about the children.

It is, after all, not their fault they have been bred by those who now demand you rescue them and their kids from poor decisions.  

Which is why, of course, those who made the poor decisions will get your money.  Why it would be cruel to take the children off them and give them to adoptive parents who are aching to raise children with the love, resources and attention they deserve.  Why the Greens nationalise children and want you to feel guilty that somebody else's kids are suffering.

It rewards imprudence, because it feeds the philosophy, not that we are each others' keeper, but the keeper of those who generally don't provide for themselves, who don't think before they breed.

It never puts responsibility on people to think before they have children, to chase up feckless fathers who breed and run off by forcing them to surrender half of whatever income they have (including benefits) to pay for their kids.

Child poverty is primarily the cause of those who have children they can't afford to raise. Yes some families fall upon hard times due to unemployment or illness, and most consider the welfare state should exist to cover such instances, but not those who breed whilst in tough circumstances, or who keep having kids with little thought about how to provide for them.

In an age where contraception is cheap and universally available, without shame, to anyone of breeding age, where it is possible to trace fathers of children through DNA testing to prove their responsibility, child poverty should be exceedingly rare.


Angry Tory said...

National under Rob nationalised parents. The liked it so much they called it "National Super"

Let's just stop paying super overnight. That'll make everyone realise government isn't their friend.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Every year, regardless of state of the economy, one in five babies will be dependent on welfare by Xmas. This is no surprise to most of their parents. We cannot stop them making decisions about what the Greens mistakenly call "our" children.

Like you I detest the notion that children are a public good.

Anonymous said...

All very well said. Actually in the same way that the Greens (and a whole lot more unidentified people) talk about 'our' children they also talk about 'our' land. Just as they deny my property right to do what I want with what I own they seem to deny the personal responsibility of parents. We might have addressed this thinking once but I fear that under MMP the guts to do so has gone forever.
Cheers are keep posting
Jeremy Laurenson