Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Grumpy Helen

Oh for fuck's sake Helen, can't you do better than sound like a grumpy old lady?
Rodney Hide blogs on Helen Clark's comment to Newstalk ZB about Dancing with the Stars calling her the "Minister of Fun".
She "cannot abide dancing" and hasn't the time to watch Rodney "make a fool of himself on television".
Goodness me no - can't have a Prime Minister having fun, or being generous enough of spirit to give a fellow MP credit for giving it a go.
As Hide says:
"The PM should lighten up. Have some fun. She would be the better for it. So too would the country. "
Things Helen Clark doesn't enjoy:
- Dancing;
- Television (except BBC World);
and ...


Anonymous said...

..criminal investigations into her party's financial affairs?

I can tell you one thing she does love - prima facie cases! WOOHOO!

darren said...

Things she doesn't enjoy??

Sex with her husband.

What she does enjoy?

Judith and heather.

Libertyscott said...

Hmmm Darren - we can neither confirm nor deny that she doesn't enjoy sex with her husband - I assume that if/when that ever happened/happens, it wasn't done in a self-deprecating way.

Judith and Heather she does enjoy, they are long standing good friends - let's not be defamatory Darren (I know Heather has a long standing relationship, that is no secret).

Anonymous said...

sex with a penis, as opposed to a strap-on

and smiling