Monday, August 14, 2006

I've been robbed!

Some prick cloned my ATM card and has been withdrawing money willy nilly from my account - so that has been stopped. No the ATMs I use weren't "funny" and I always hide my PIN (and it is far from an obvious number).
So the hunt is on - the prick used it up in my part of town too.
When he is caught (it's bound to be a man!) he will be a useful shield for Hizbullah rockets or Islamic militia in Baghdad.
Three strikes and you're out - that means in prison for life. I don't give a shit whether or not mummy didn't love you - you're worthless scum (same goes for the short Maori kid who nicked my car 17 years ago as I watched from four floors up, I only hope he ran off the road).
So what's coming next??!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah this sucks. Happened to my flatmate, she had several hundred quid withdrawn from an ATM in Essex. However her bank rang her the same day to check whether it was legitimate. Somehow they knew?

I partially blame the banks, the so-called smartcards with chips are not actually any more secure- all the info is duplicated on the magnetic strip, and if the ATM does not detect a functional chip, it simply reverts to the unencrypted magstrip! What is the freaking point I wonder.

However this sort of organised crime is endemic it seems- have you read about the £30 billion per year tax frauds which are apparently funding half of eastern europe? Unbelievable!

Libertyscott said...

Yes I'm annoyed my bank didn't contact me earlier. My NZ bank always rang me about foreign credit card transactions, which were mine because I was away in different countries relatively often, but it gave me some security. I had to discover this myself after a week of having my daily withdrawal limit being reached!