Friday, July 27, 2007

David Benson Pope - good riddance

I have one simple reason for cheering this, is goes beyond the scandals behind this man, it is his sheer hypocrisy on one thing.
His press release on his resignation states "I have had more than my fair share of personal abuse and attack from the opposition, their fellow travellers and parts of the media. No one should underestimate the toll that this has on family members. I would urge opposition politicians to focus on policy not personality"
Would you David? So when you sat on the Local Government and Environment Select Committee, and taunted the Libertarianz spokesmen who were presenting a submission on the bill on dog control by saying "Why are you a party? if you believe in individualism how can you form a political party? Are you a party? Do you have any members?" constantly interrupting the submission, talking over the spokesmen attempting to answer his questions until the Chair requested that he let the spokesmen talk, were you focusing on policy not personality?
Of course not you rude prick, now fuck off you obnoxious hypocritical bully!


Anonymous said...

Well said!!

DBP has another dark side as well which you didn't mention.

Libertyscott said...

No, well much of that is on the record, although some of that is nobody else's business.

Anonymous said...

As I recall he also played the man and not the ball in a similar way when Libz presented their submission to the select committee on the legal staus of marijuana a few years back.