Thursday, July 26, 2007

Winston in a time warp

NZ First press releases can be funny, they read like North Korean ones at times. Statements like "New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters said today that despite misinformation campaigns being undertaken by some in the media, the fact remains that our major strategic assets and land cannot be allowed to fall into foreign control."
No Winston, a misinformation campaign is not defined as those who have a different political view of the world compared to you. "The fact remains" does not make anything a fact, it is a political point of view. What sheer utter arrogant nonsense to think that an alternative political view from Winston is not a fact, and is simply a "misinformation campaign". Colin Espiner can write what he likes, but clearly he has annoyed Winston who seeks to win votes from an anti-foreign investment line.
What's funnier though is this statement "Auckland Airport is a strategic asset. It was clearly defined as such in the coalition agreement of 1996, and nothing has happened between then and now to change its status in our view".
In the what agreement??
So the fact that:
  1. The coalition agreement terminated in force when the coalition with National broke up in 1998;
  2. The remains of that government was voted out in 1999 and remains so;
  3. The confidence and supply agreement with Labour does not cross reference the 1996 coalition agreement as a basis for policy;
  4. The coalition agreement is not the word of some sage, it's a political document of convenience.

means nothing?

Sorry Winston, reread the calendar it is 2007, not 1997.


Craig Ranapia said...

Winston's not even a consistent opportunistic racist. Apparently, he wasn't awake when the contract to run Auckland's passenger rail services was awarded to... well, Veolia Transport New Zealand, a division of a Paris-based multinational that has it's garlic-y fingers in 'strategic assets' all over the world.

If you want to be playing the national security card, then it's fair comment to point out the nationality of the perpetrators of the Rainbow Warrior bombing.

Libertyscott said...

Winston's not racist - he plays the card because he knows that the "Muldoon" type of voter holds deep dark suspicions of what they'd call "wogs" in another age. It's his most redeeming feature, he's no nutter, just an opportunist.