Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New Zealand to be friendly to murderers

Will Winston bring up the gulags? or will he do what almost all diplomats do, simper and say nothing - like they did in the 1930s when dealing with Germany or Japan?
Or does Winston think it is more important to worry about who owns an airport than the enslavement, torture and execution of children?
Well the Greens care far more about the airport, they have introduced a fucking Bill. These sanctimonious self-serving self-styled defenders of peace and justice are anything but.
He is reported saying "I want to see for myself how New Zealand might contribute to international efforts to assist development in North Korea."
It's called do nothing until the gulags are all opened and the people set free or given asylum outside North Korea (and China). North Korea makes apartheid look like a holiday, and it speaks volumes than virtually nobody who fought apartheid gives a moth's droppings about the Korean gulag archipelago.
If New Zealand has an independent foreign policy that means anything (and you leftwing lot out there think that being anti-nuclear is so bloody moral) then Winston go to North Korea, demand that the gulags be opened, and that North Korea at the very least stops imprisoning children along with their parents for political crimes. You might then guarantee you wont be reported in the North Korean media as another patsy coming to pay homage to Kim Jong Il et al, and you might show that your not simply an opportunistic bauble seeking lazy populist.
So come on Winston, show you have some spine, ignore the wimpering MFAT advisors who will want a "success" which will no doubt be reported in North Korea as another victory against the Japanese/US imperialist forces as North Korea makes new friends. Ask your new friends about Camp 22. Yes it will embarrass, but frankly FUCK that - would you be embarrassed telling Nazis you found the Holocaust unacceptable, preferring to negotiate a peaceful way of coexisting?
and the Greens? Your belief in human rights and what is important in the world isn't worth pissing on. I guess North Korea's carbon footprint is so low, and they've said they'll dismantle their nuclear facilities so they are probably better than the USA aren't they? Arseholes. There is NO fucking excuse for this.
Why am I angry? Well it's another day and 5 people probably died in Camp 22 today of starvation or violence, some of them children.
Go watch this Winston, see who you're new friends are, and tell me you can be "tough on crime" and be concerned about child abuse in New Zealand, when you cozy up to a regime that abuses children directly on a daily basis. 200,000 people in gulags in North Korea, thousands of them children down to the age of infants.
So come on Winston, Keith Locke and all you others who pretend to give a fuck... this is more important that who the fuck owns Auckland airport!
oh and it might be nice if Rodney Hide and John Key said something to, so go on.
and frankly if this doesn't get any NZ politicians agitated then the lot of them are so fucking useless they deserve to get the abuse hurled at them. It is nothing compared to what the children of Camp 22 put up with every single day - and every single day there is appeasement, they stay there.


Brian S said...

LS - Your estimate of five deaths a day is probably an underestimate. At Camp 16, where there are about 10000 prisoners, survivors have estimated that the death rate is about 20% to 25% per year. That's roughly 7 per day. Camp 22 is larger with about 50000 prisoners. Assuming a similar death rate then that would be about 30 prisoners per day.

Camp 16 is on google maps here.

Julian said...

Great post Scott.

Winston can speak for himself but not in my fuckin' name.


Anonymous said...

On Sky NZ Nat Geographic channel today [Sun] 3-00 pm was screened "Undercover in North Korea".

A South Korean [I think] was allowed to enter with a crew to carryout 1000 cataract operations in 10 days. Following the successful operations the patients, overjoyed, heaped praise on the Great General [not the eye surgeon].

Significant mention was made of the Camps incl Camp 22.

Sreens again on Nat Geo Mon 13th 1-30 am.