Friday, November 30, 2007

I don't believe in property rights so...

I can steal. Phillida Bunkle, a sad case of a dejected socialist or just a common thief?

Thieving socialist! One could feel sorry for her, but honestly I don't. She entered public life in order to be a bully, in order to raise taxes, to regulate people and their businesses - while she produced nothing. Remember you paid for her salaries and travel for several years, thanks to the retards who voted Alliance in 1996 and 1999. The Dom Post got this wrong, saying she was elected in 1999 - how much effort is there to do some basic internet research Kay Blundell? Bunkle was number 8 on the Alliance list and got in with such brainiacs as Liz Gordon, Alamein Kopu and Frank Grover. Yes, just over 10% of voters ticked these supreme underperformers (picking Alamein was, of course, part of the "got to have Maori candidates" political correctness of the Alliance, forgetting of course, that as the Alliance was largely driven by hatred of success, good people would be unlikely to be attracted to it).
I love Oswald Bastable's comment that "as a former Alliance MP, Bunkum genuinely did not understand that it is wrong to take other peoples property"
She still has a website as if she were an MP here. She was Minister of Consumer Affairs - adding to her contempt for producers or sellers. Of course her first claim to fame was co-authoring the famous/infamous article "An Unfortunate Experiment" in Metro which saw the Cartwright Inquiry undertaken. Itself controversial, but that is another story.


Rick said...

The Australians aren't surprised!

MikeE said...

"The Unfortunate Experiament" was the one good thing that Philla Debunkle did right - speaking from personal experiance with my family.

My Mum was one of the victims of this, well one of the ones who survived, others weren't so lucky.

End result - 2 miscarriages due to dodgy shit from doctors, a hystorectomy, not being told about cervical cancer and a whole lot of other stuff = reason why I'm an only child.

So full credit to her in that case, as she was at least working in the right direction going after those particular bastards.