Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hope for Cuba?

"Eventually this transition ought to lead to free and fair elections, and I mean free and I mean fair, not these kind of staged elections that the Castro brothers try to foist off as being true democracy,"
I would hope those of the liberal left might actually agree with Bush, for once. Just on that point, go on, show you DO actually believe in liberal democracy. After all according to Cuba's official mouthpiece "45 years have passed and the overwhelming majority of Cubans remain unyielding in their support of the Revolution and the undisputed and reinvigorated leadership of Fidel Castro” so why fear elections and free speech?
The so called "genocidal war" of the economic embargo might end then, although I would have thought the embargo, as an anti-globalisation measure, should be welcomed by socialists. Why would they want to trade with the great capitalist enemy?
Meanwhile, the truth of Cuban socialism is, like that of almost all dictatorships, opulence for the rulers. Castro's life of luxury is reported in the Daily Telegraph, as evidence from videotapes smuggled out by an ex.girlfriend of one of Castro's sons shows:
"The series, titled The Secret life of Fidel Castro, depicts his main residential compound, Punto Cero, or Point Zero, in western Havana. Monday's episode showed Mr Castro dressed casually before a banquet, inspecting the elaborate dinnerware on the dinner table, his grandchildren playing with relatives and Antonio zooming along the patio on an electric scooter. It pictures the spacious compound and carefully landscaped garden and reveals that many of the family are wearing designer clothes. The house is decorated with wooden chests and Cuban handicrafts. A large-screen television monitors foreign news channels."
Of course it is neither here nor there for Castro's sycophants that he has what he denies fellow Cubans - access to free media.
So who are his sycophants?
Top of my list is London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, great friend of Cuban authoritarian one party rule. Ken Livingstone loves Castro.
However add to that list George Galloway (mate of dictators far and wide), Naomi Campbell (brainless without beauty), Steven Spielberg (though he isn't keen on Castro's mates in Beijing), Oliver Stone (why doesn't he move there?) and Diego Maradona (he has a tattoo of the thug).
So what might Cubans hope for?
Access to the internet, since it has been illegal since 2004 for private citizens to access it.
Mobile phones or computers, since it is illegal to own those without government permission (which is not common).
Red Cross access to prisons, which Cuba denies.
The end to imprisonment for "likelihood of committing a crime".
The end to imprisonment of journalists for criticising the regime.
Freedom of movement (the right to leave Cuba).
Let's hope 2008 is the year all of the above is granted to Cubans.


Anonymous said...

To the list of Castro sycophants add one Willie Jackson.

He was utterly disgusting in his praise of the Castro regime.

Still with his background, is there any suprise?


Libertyscott said...

When the truth about the horrors of the Castro regime come out, he should be one of the many to be held accountable.