Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Initiating force is wrong

Tomahawk Kid has an excellent article reminding us all of why it is wrong to initiate force to get what we want. He said
"There is no more moral system than the voluntary interaction between consenting adults when applied to ANY situation."
Quite and who would disagree with that? Well, every political party in Parliament for starters and most other blogs. You might see some saying yes, BUT... as they justify the exception that they want to see, something they can't convince others about so hey, let's use state power.

If we want a culture of non-violence, which so many on the left purport to support, it should start by an unequivocal condemnation of force initiation against people and their property. That requires acceptance that the state should shrink until it no longer initiates force. That wont happen overnight, or within three years, but it does mean the end to victimless crimes, respect for private property rights, the withering of taxation down to core state responsibilities and moving towards choosing to pay for what you use, rather than force.

Utopian visionore creative as human being as to how to resolve problems and conflicts - peacefully? Well in the sense that it is idealistic yes - but it is moral, and we can debate the hows and the priorities, but shouldn't it be where human beings head? A culture of civilisation, of non-violent voluntary interaction?

The greatest barrier to it all, unfortunately, is that all too many of you are happy to be forced to do what others say, and you are prey to those who are happier telling others what to do.

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