Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Silliest British reaction to earthquake

No, it's not the people running into the street and then having to dodge masonry. No it's not the failure to give details about the depth of the epicentre as well as the richter scale reading (both are needed to explain severity).

It is the the GMTV host Ben Shephard.

This morning he asked a British Geologist if the earthquake is attributable to... wait for it ... climate change!!

Did you dream up such a brainless question or did your producer? How utterly banal. It's the sort of thing I'd expect from a NZ based television reporter (you know the sort that talk of North Koreans spontaneously taking a day off work to welcome foreign politicians).

Ben, you have a degree in Dance, Drama and Theatre Arts from Birmingham University, best to stick with that than, um, general knowledge.

Oh by the way, I went into Wellingtonian mode. It felt hellishly strong for a force 5 quake, but that reflects being in a solid building, next to a canal in Manchester!

It woke me up (in a hotel contained in a century or so old building), I shot instinctively into the doorway (lost count of earthquakes I've been woken up with in NZ), waited until it ended then went to sleep, all half dozed. Woke up thinking I must have had a helluva dream, because it didn't feel real.

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PC said...

Someone called Laura Blood is just as dumb.