Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bailey Kurariki enjoying home detention

The Sunday Herald reports how Bailey, the country's youngest convicted killer, has been enduring much punishment:
"Since being released a fortnight ago the 19-year-old baby-faced killer has had KFC, Burger King and pizza delivered most nights to the secret Auckland address where he's staying. At his birthday party on the day he was released, he was presented with gifts including a $180 pair of shoes, a stereo and a PlayStation console."
Meanwhile, Michael Choy's mother gets nothing, and Michael Choy remains dead.
"Kurariki's mother Lorraine West told the Herald on Sunday her son was now making up for "all that stuff he hasn't tasted for ages". He was learning how to text because until now he had never owned a cellphone."
Meanwhile, Michael Choy's mother gets to endure seeing in the media her son's killer "making up" for what he lost, and Michael Choy can't make up for it. Maybe if Bailey worked the rest of his life earning enough to live on and then paying the surplus to Michael Choy's mother - Rita Croskery - he might get sympathy. No, he's the latest celebrity crim. Watch out for his Myspace, Bebo and Facebook sites, cool eh?

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Anonymous said...

Getting pizza delivered to him - that sticks in the craw.