Monday, May 19, 2008

New blog rankings

Tim Selwyn has kindly published his latest NZ blogosphere rankings, for March/April. No point in going through the results, but I am glad to say that my ranking is up to 34 (from 51) and Not PC from 6th to 4th place, knocking back Frogblog and No Right Turn (two of the leading leftwing blogs).
The rankings are interesting for listing some blogs I never new existed. Others than have significantly gone up OR down (by at last 14 places) in the top 50 are as follows, with the previous ranking followed by where they are today according to Tim. Inastrangeland (gone from 41 up to 26), Silent Running (16 to 30), Craig Foss MP (81 to 31), Hot Topic (68 to 35), Maia (23 to 38), Big News (29 to 47), Aotearoa a wider perspective (69 to 48).
I know I'll be looking at the blogs I've never seen before to check if they should go on my blogroll or my regular feed, just to see what is interesting.

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Tim Selwyn said...

Craig Foss's blog was a big mover because of the Hawkes Bay District Health Board implosion - pretty sure about that, as he was commenting on it. Same thing with Hot Topic, the whole Listener dismissal of their environmental columnist was raging then. I expect their traffic to ease back.