Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tories await victory

How do you turn a 7000 vote majority into a defeat? Ask Gordon Brown. The Crewe and Nantwich by-election is happening as I type, as a result of the sudden death of long standing hardworking Labour MP Gwyneth Dunwoody, a leftwing battleaxe who didn't put up with much nonsense (except her own socialist leanings) and was an MP since 1966 (sad to die while an MP at 77, I mean, why not have a life?).

Crewe is solid working class Labour territory, being a famous railway junction with major railway workshops. Nantwich is solid Tory, but the seat has never been anything but Labour since it was created, and its previous inculcations have been Labour since 1945.

Labour is about to get punished. This fairly solid Labour working class seat is going to go Tory. The BBC is already reporting 2 hours before the results come in that Labour is quietly conceding. Labour's campaign has been shocking though. Dunwoody's daughter is the Labour candidate and the Labour campaign claimed the Tory candidate is a top hat wearing toff with a large landholding with horses who doesn't even live there. Well he doesn't, he lives 30 miles away, but the landholding he is accused of owning is next door to his home, and he is no toff. However the Labour candidate has an entry in Burke's Peerage and Baronetage, and lives 130 miles away.

It's going to hurt Gordon Brown assuming Labour loses. The next likely by-election should be Henley, assuming Boris Johnson resigns given his new job! However Henley should be a pushover for the Tories. Quite simply Labour looks as tired in the UK as it is in NZ, but then it's awfully hard to please people when house prices are going down in most places, fuel and food prices are going up, unemployment is creeping up and the government finds money to nationalise a failing bank. Old Labour voters are fed up (and are too stupid to not know that more government doesn't work), New Labour voters have been seduced by the new vapid Tories, and that's it. Gordon Brown may face a leadership challenge after tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Just checked the Telegraph website, and the result is a trouncing for Labour of epic proportions. A portend of the election over here, hopefully!