Friday, May 30, 2008

Why has Amnesty forgotten North Korea?

Amnesty rightfully calls on governments to address the worst human rights crises, though I question when it says "There is a growing demand from people for justice, freedom and equality" as to what the hell "equality" is. Creating equality can damn people more than letting things be.

It lists countries where it is clearly has the highest concern - China, Myanmar, Russia, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Iraq and the territory of Gaza.

However, what of North Korea? The only country that imprisons children as political prisoners, that runs the entire country as a prison - that condemns entire families when one speaks out of line. It is an Orwellian horror, but no it first mentions China - yes a place with many concerns, but which has also improved considerably over recent years. North Korea hasn't. It mentions the USA, and as much as modest torture by a Western liberal democracy is unacceptable, it is light years away from North Korea. Russia is getting worse again, which is a genuine cause for concern. It raises the issue of EU complicity with rendition.

This is all small fry compared to Zimbabwe, which itself is small fry compared to Darfur- perhaps the only instance comparable in scale to the North Korean prison state horror.

Amnesty says nothing, although deep in its website it does note North Korea. The Green Party remains absolutely silent about it, like it remains silent about human right abuses in Vietnam, but jumps on the China/Tibet bandwagon because it is popular - even though abuses of freedom and individual rights in China look like a holiday compared to North Korea, but are similar to Vietnam.

So how about it? Who the hell is going to stand up against the child torturing slave state run from Pyongyang? I'm convinced Amnesty doesn't support it, I'm also convinced the Greens don't, so why don't they bother? The more this is publicised, condemned and outrage is expressed, the sooner this will stop.


Callum said...

Scott, I wouldn't get too hyped up over Amnesty International. It's a very left wing organization dedicated far more to poo-pooing America than actually fighting torture and its causes (such as tribalism and socialism in African nations, and out-and-out communism in North Korea).

OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

Scott, I was just wondering when you were going to get to that write up you promised on Nihilism. Just interested to read your perspective.

Thanks in anticipation.

ZenTiger said...

Good post.

I was once a keen financial supporter of Amnesty. They've lost their way though, and I'm not having my funds pay for promoting abortion and whining about Gitmo to the point that seriously large scale injustices concerning their charter goals go barely mentioned.

Libertyscott said...

oecd, yes I will, it is about having a slow news day and time to do it, thanks for reminding me.

Zen - I am reading and waiting for the next friendly London Amnesty touter to approach me in the street for me to let the organisation have it. I want it to prioritise, and for me North Korea, Darfur, Iran and Zimbabwe are the top tier by a long shot. If it can't be focused on those, it should give up.

Anonymous said...