Tuesday, July 01, 2008

3 stories about sex

1. A high class (!) escort agency could soon open in Dannevirke called "Promiscuous Girlz" according to the Manawatu Standard. Honestly, it's not a good start when you use "z" for "s" like some south central LA outfit. You do have to love the comment from the council though "From our viewpoint, there is bugger-all we can do about it". That service may also be available there, after all what else would a discerning Dannevirke clientele want? (who knows?).

2. Stuff reports a Brisbane couple (mother and stepfather) had the 15yo daughter sign a "contract" for him to impregnate her because the couple had already born two children with congenital diseases. It started with using a syringe, but naturally that failed so he tried the natural way. The girl finally told a family friend who encouraged her to go to the Police. The idiot said when arrested "Did you not see the f---ing contract?" Yep, because you really can sign a contract to bypass criminal law and the age of consent. You might think people who regularly have children with congenital diseases ought to get the message?

3. Stuff also reports in Papua New Guinea that a security guard forced a 15yo female shoplifter to pay for her suspected crime through sex. Charming.

Now you can see why prostitution is relatively respectable.


Phil (Pacific Empire) said...

"Honestly, it's not a good start when you use "z" for "s" like some south central LA outfit..."

Well I quite agree about this Dannevirke brothel, but what does that say about the Libertarianz :-)

Sus said...

You beat me to it, Phil ...


Elijah Lineberry said...

Ha ha..yes, I was thinking the same thing.

On the prostitution front, I think 'each to their own' and it is a fairly harmless activity.

Annie Fox! said...

The problem we have is that the US Libertarians really just aren't that Libertarian. Anytime I've looked at their policies I've cringed.

Having a 'z' on the end of Libertarianz quickly distinguishes NZ as not being US Libertarians. Not that I really know that was the reason for the 'z', but I like the theory.

ZenTiger said...

Prostitution fairly harmless? That would be from watching too much of the Richard Gere / Julia Roberts style of movies I guess.

Prostitution screws you

libertyscott said...

Zen - Yes but don't forget in those countries prostitution is a crime, so prostitutes reporting being raped, assaulted and the like risk arrest when they complain to the Police.

If adults choose to enter this profession (i.e. not blackmailed or abducted or trafficked) then there is no good reason to criminalise them - but to extend to them the same protection from initiation of force and fraud as everyone else. It is a risky industry, but it is riskier when it is criminal for supplier or consumer. Suppliers can be glad to be in that profession (Xavier Hollander being a well known one), and not all consumers are sleazy old men - for example, there are many cases known of male quadraplegics who simply have insufficient confidence to go elsewhere. I'm not going to judge two adults who both genuinely want to transact sex with money.

Everyone else- the Z in Libertarianz has at least got the N as well. It IS important to separate from the US LP, and on balance I think it is more NZ than street!

libertyscott said...

Elijah - in Europe a considerable part of it isn't harmless, it involved people trafficking, those abducted, and effectively imprisoned to be prostitutes. They can't leave easily with no money, passport taken from them and the risk that if returned "home" the gangster who started it all will do the same thing, but take the woman/girl to a different country.

NZ I hope is largely immune from this slave trade.