Monday, July 21, 2008

Hurray, Radovan Karadzic arrested

According to CNN, this vile proponent of genocidal radical nationalist filth has finally been arrested, as it appears the Serbian government has decided that it better bring forth these blood tainted murderers from its past, in order to be considered for EU membership.

Karadzic was one of the opportunistic thugs, backed by Slobodan Milosevic, to carve up Bosnia-Hercegovina once it had declared independence. The Bosnian government, at the time made up of moderate Muslims, Orthodox Serbs and Catholic Croats almost instantly faced war on two fronts. Karadzic was determined to carve out at least a third of Bosnia to be part of a Greater Serbia - and it wasn't a Greater Serbia than Bosnian Muslims and Croats would be allowed to live in.

With Yugoslav Federal Army weapons, the Bosnian Serbs went from village to village embarking on the policy, coined by Karadzic himself with the infamous words "ethnic cleansing". It culminated in the Srebrenica massacre of 8,000 Bosnian Muslim males, in this so-called UN safe haven. Karadzic was the embodiment of the filthy collectivist snake oil of poisonous fascist nationalism in the Balkans. He was convinced Bosnia should be carved up into Serb and non-Serb portions, and the Serbs were fighting for the biggest portion, and any portion they brought under control would need to be "cleansed".

Indeed, the misnomer of "ethnic" cleansing is such, it is tribal, and quasi-religious, as the Russian and Greek Orthodox Church both gave their quiet blessing to this project.

Karadzic of course deserves a bullet in his head - as does the vile Ratko Mladic, the general who directly ordered the massacres, the murders, rapes, and the evacuation of non-Serbs at gunpoint in Serb held Bosnia. Mladic is yet to be found, as he remains protected by the stoneage thugs who still think their tribe is better than the ones up the coast.

A trial will be apt though, as it is time Serbs faced up to the atrocities committed in their name - which fortunately, recent elections seem to indicate that many have moved beyond. Croatia too must respond in kind, as there the Roman Catholic Church closed both eyes and turned around to the atrocities committed in its name. Then when the bloody truth of the Balkans since the early 1990s is more honestly revealed and understood, the region might just move on another step.


Barnsley Bill said...

So they eventually gave him up. And in the end they did so because half a million Serbs want to follow Poland and Romania to England. personally I would rather he had stayed "on the run" living at his house! than see another half million migrant workers race to Calais.

Barnsley Bill said...

I have posted (from a very different perspective) and given you a hat tip.

KG said...

Well, perhaps now they'll also bring to trial those who are burning down christian churches and and killing non-muslims? That's going on right now.

Libertyscott said...

Romanians and Bulgarians haven't flocked to the UK at all. Serbs wouldn't either. Who cares if they do? The issue isn't them it is the nonsense that EU migrants can claim NHS, state education and welfare in any member state. Fix that and it becomes a true free market in labour.

kg- Well the Serbs did a good job of doing that in Croatian Krajina and Vukovar, as did the Croats as well. Croatia is required to do the same as Serbia in presenting its war criminals before EU membership can be resolved. The Bosniaks likewise, though despite Chetnik/Ustashe propaganda, they were more the victims than the perpetrators overall.