Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The party of moaning New Zealand

Cactus Kate posts on the vileness of NZ First coming to the fore again, with Peter Brown warning that Asian immigrants should "fit in".

Fit in to what? What is this fucking migrant himself think HE is doing picking on migrants from cultures that believe more in education, hard work, self sufficiency and family than HIS one?

So what should they fit into?

The tall poppy syndrome?
The "why doesn't the government" talkback mediocrity that demands that life be made better by the government fixing it?
The narrow minded pig ignorant personality cult followers that demand no accountability for their cult leader between elections, but think he's wonderful every 3 years?

No Mr Brown, you should go home - you and your party have done more harm to positive values of entrepreneurship, looking outwards, applying reason and personal responsibility than most Asian immigrants ever could. After all Mr Brown, what ethnic group has disproportionately low levels of welfare claims, imprisonment and high education achievement?

Yes, can't have people like that can we, because those who can actually read, get a degree and run a business aren't likely to vote for a populist personality cult led nationalist party are they?


Lindsay Mitchell said...

I look forward to Asians playing a much greater role in the politics of this country.

ZenTiger said...

I look forward to people just being
described as people.

I don't want to sound xenophobic, but "I'm from planet earth".