Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Zimbabwe sadly slips further

Well it had to happen, according to Stuff quoting Reuters, Zimbabwe has effectively redenominated its currency by dropping zeros. Ten of them. So that 1 billion Zim dollars will now be 1 Zim dollar.

Of course given that it may be rather hard to print the money given the end of the contract with the German suppliers of banknote paper. Meanwhile, the two-faced friend of murderers, Thabo Mbeki continues to meet Morgan Tsvangirai with the attempt to create a government of national unity, for foreign consumption, because - of course - it wont really mean a difference. It will be like how Joshua Nkomo was cauterised by Mugabe in the early 1980s, after Mugabe's goons butchered their way through his "allies".

I did note one point of unintended humour when the report has the phrase "Mbeki's spokesman Mukoni Ratshitanga" conveniently named because Mbeki is a master of ratshit.

MDC isn't relenting though, insisting that Tsvangirai lead a new government. ZANU-PF is insisting that the "election win" be respected.

It's very simple - if MDC compromises with ZANU-PF it will cease to be a credible or moral force in Zimbabwe. Compromise with evil is concession to evil - and conceding to those who would murder you means you lose.

Thabo Mbeki is part of that evil, the South African government and the ANC is part of that evil - and the so-called peace and human rights movement is turning a blind eye.

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Anonymous said...

South Africa is hosting the parties involved in the 'talks'. A hotel/resort was booked out for the delegates - which involved cancelling existing bookings - but in no time at all there was bickering about who had the best room and the resort not being plush enough for them. They have now been moved off to an even more expensive venue, quaffing vast quantities of expensive scotch, having had the tax payers of SA fork out R750 000 for the first venue.

Pigs, snouts, troughs, etc - they should all just f"*k off back to Zim and drink cheap scotch in their shabby shebeens and carry on killing each other.

African 'leaders' should be held accountable for their actions and behaviour and the sooner the West signals this to them and does not allow 'politics' just to be a personal junket, the better for all concerned.