Sunday, March 29, 2009

Helen Clark too hard working for UNDP

Well, I'd abolish the UNDP of course. Like all UN organisations it is a bloated bureaucracy which employs many people for whom hard work is something they'll never be accused of experiencing. I've spent plenty of time dealing with UN organisations, some of the curiosities were the compulsory morning and afternoon tea breaks, half an hour each, and the two hour lunch break, with 5.30pm being the absolute latest working period. 9.30am-5.30pm minus three hours! Criticise Clark for many things, but she was a hard worker - she worked long hours ensuring that her largely mediocre ministers didn't screw up completely.

Tax free pay, accommodation and medical allowances, flying business class everywhere. It is a racket that many on the left are only too happy to suckle from. A racket that treats all countries as being equal, whether it be Sweden or Belarus.

The UNDP has been subject to allegations of financial impropriety in North Korea, a place where Medicins sans Frontieres chose to leave because it couldn't guarantee that its aid would get to the needy instead of the military and the party.

Clark will continue to live off the back of taxpayers, people forced to pay for her. However, she is likely to be heading this rather awful organisation which may get the better of her.

What SHOULD happen is the UNDP should be privatised, and be an agency run and led by people who want to help international development, by voluntary donation of their time and money - not lazy barely employable bureaucrats who are more interested in protecting their vested interests.


Unknown said...

Hello, I am a highschooler in a debate league and I am very interested in this topic. I was wondering, do you have any additional and more recent evidence of UNDP corruption?
Also, do you know of any coalition or organization that advocates abolition of the UNDP?

Libertyscott said...

Hi Caleb. You may already know of the sites UNDP Watch and UN Watch but it does take time to find material on them

Plenty of organisations wish to scrap the UN as a whole, on the basis that the culture of the organisation encourages enormous waste, patronage and is morally neutral between state actors that are benign and those that murder.