Thursday, April 16, 2009

Turia - Associate Minister of teen pregnancy?

An unlikely Hat Tip to Tony Milne at Just Left for pointing out this one.

Tariana Turia is now Associate Minister of Health with the following delegated responsibilities:

Functions and responsibilities relating to:
  • Maori health (including Maori provider development);
  • Disability Support Services funded and managed by the Ministry of Health for people under 65 years of age;
  • breast and cervical screening programmes;
  • communicable diseases (infectious and notifiable diseases, but excluding immunisation);
  • sexual health;
  • diabetes;
  • tobacco.
Reassuring stuff, except Turia is on the record believing that the Maori teenage pregnancy is not a problem. Her own view appears to be that Maori should go forth and multiply, for political demographic reasons.

Nice given that one of the biggest problems facing Maori, demographically, is the high numbers of unplanned pregnancies, children growing up in homes that barely wanted them, and the disproportionate amount of child abuse in Maori homes. Turia presumably is happy every time a Maori child is born, regardless of how interested the parents are in looking after him or her, or how much taxpayers are forced to carry the cost, because of her own barely hidden agenda of eugenics.

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