Monday, June 22, 2009

Maoist was being spied on - wow

So Sue Bradford has been getting spied on for decades.
From the rather banal, badly researched article by Martin Kay in the Dominion Post, you might think that it was all about high school students campaigning for more rights who were getting spied on.
Well Sue Bradford was a bit more than that, visiting China in the early 1970s as a card carrying member of the Communist Party, while Chairman Mao was still in power, during the Cultural Revolution, would and should have caused some alarm at the time.
Trevor Loudon told more a few years ago, here, here and here.
Catherine Delahunty on the other had is simply crazy, but would hook her anti capitalism, anti reason train onto anything she could find - so now of course she's a Green MP


KG said...

The sheer nerve of it! Keeping a watchful eye on those opposed to democracy and supportive of totalitarian states...

ZenTiger said...

Notice how it's fine for the police to investigate any cases of smacking, but investigating anything to do with her life is off limits.

It's fine for the law to make a parent guilty by default if they do indeed give their child a smack, and yet she, as a protesting commie, expects to be treated as "innocent until proven guilty - and don't look for evidence"

Bradford attacks the family, and gets peeved because she was investigated for attacking the country.

If we follow her logic that smacking is a terrible crime, which is equivalent to child abuse, then several years as a pro-communist protester is the same as treason, surely?

I'd have more sympathy for her point if she wasn't such a hypocrite.