Friday, November 05, 2010

ACC - Another reason to hate Nick Smith's politics

"he poured cold water on speculation that workplace accident insurance might be opened up to full competition from private insurers after an ACC "stocktake" completed in June by a group led by former Labour Party Finance Minister David Caygill. Its report has not been made public.

Dr Smith said opening the business to competition would be "a very major decision and, consistent with the John Key pragmatism and cautiousness, we are not in any hurry".

Could you be more of a spineless hypocrite if you tried?

You VOTED FOR opening the workplace accident insurance market up to competition when National was last in government.  You VOTED AGAINST returning it to a statutory monopoly, and now you are in charge of it you have the testicular fortitude of a mouse.

What has changed Nick? The rest of the developed world has open markets for accident insurance, for both workplace and motor vehicles.  New Zealand once led the world in reform, deregulation and opening state monopolies up to competition.   

You've shown you're little better than the Jim Andertons, Jeanette Fitzsimons and the Winston Peters, scared that without nanny state running everything, people will make the wrong decisions.
Just join Labour and be done with it, you'd be happier there.


Lindsay Mitchell said...

Couldn't agree more. But this bit really jumped off the page for me;

"Dr Smith said there would be problems in adopting ACC's proposals for motorists and sports players.

Young drivers could register their cars in their grandparents' names, and he did not want to harm the "broader social benefits" of sport."

Why should individuals pay for other people's "social benefits"? He is through and through a collectivist.

Jeremy Harris said...

Does anyone ealse think this government is taking on a very Muldooonist feel..?

ZenTiger said...

Spot on.

Yes Lindsay, obviously feeble excuses, easily addressed, rather than serious reasons.

libertyscott said...

Lindsay, Zen - Quite. It is absurd. No other country has ACC "protecting" sports, it is such incredibly narrow minded thinking. Young drivers registering cars in other people's names is no different than taking out insurance on that basis. Excuses excuses.

Jeremy - I'm not in a position to say and I resist automatically latching onto something Idiot Savant says for obvious reasons, but you may be right. Stubbornly centrist intended to keep Labour in the leftwing boondocks.

Jeremy Harris said...

I didn't know I/S had said that... There is a very authoritarian feel...