Monday, January 17, 2011

Who in Haiti and Malaysia can aim and fire?

For that's what Jean-Claude Duvalier deserves.  It is the least Haiti deserves.  The Duvalier family are irredeemably vile, murderous crooks.  Even divorcing his repulsive thieving bitch of a wife doesn't make Baby Doc more acceptable.  The record of his family added decades to the poverty, suffering and death of this sad, but proud country.  A country that threw off the yoke of French slavery, but was punished by the West for over a century and a half, and after paying off the French, got handed the Duvaliers.

The same Duvaliers who used the country's tobacco monopoly as a personal slush fund to enrich themselves.   The same Duvaliers who spent US$3 million on their wedding ceremony.  The same Duvaliers who ruthlessly suppressed dissent, maintained a ban on independent media and promoted widespread corruption and patronage.

Meanwhile, Robert Mugabe is in a hospital in Kuala Lumpur.  Another answer to the problems of a nation is in the hands of the brave.

Bear in mind these people are proven murderers and thieves.  If they were not politicians, they would have been subjected to extradition treaties and be treated as the evil men they really are.   However, they are not "common" criminals, they are the extraordinary ones, that hide behind "state sovereignty" to protect their blood dripping hands. 

Both deserve at the most to be treated as criminals, but as they aren't common criminals, their crimes are indisputable, their role in making the law as they go along, means they have no right to that.   As with Saddam Hussein and Nicolae Ceausescu, they have forfeited the rights of human beings.  For the only legitimate use of the death penalty for me, is the removal of tyrants - as it is an act of self defence and revolution.

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Anonymous said...

Mugabe's in hospital? good. I hope he dies, painfully.