Friday, March 30, 2012

West Bradford shames itself

I don't need to say much about George Galloway, he is one of the most repulsive politicians in Britain today.  As Christopher Hitchens once said "the man's search for a tyrannical fatherland never ends".  He has been a sycophant of Saddam Hussein, Bashar Assad, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.  He misses the Soviet Union - the stale stinking behemoth of blood stained lies, oppression, imperialism and terror.  He supported the Islamist terrorists who festered in Iraq after the Western invasion, he supports Hamas, he said the Syrian people are lucky to be ruled by Bashar Assad.  On top of it all, this Dundee Catholic fifth columnist lies - blatantly - denying that for which there is video evidence.  He blames 9/11 on US foreign policy.  He claims to not support the Iranian system, yet said explicitly he supported the campaign of Ahmadinejad on Iranian TV.  His direct relationship with the Hussein regime was demonstrated with evidence, but he continues to deny it.

So how did such an odious creature get elected in a low profile Bradford West by-election?  Simple.

He has a high public profile (he appeared in Celebrity Big Brother in 2006).  He spent money and time in the constituency spreading his latest brand, of being a teetotaller who has always supported Muslims, who opposed the war in Iraq, opposes Western forces in Afghanistan, supports Palestinian militancy and opposes Western intervention in the Middle East.  He played to the tribalist, anti-Western bigotry of many ethnic Pakistani voters in the constituency.  He benefited from a week of appalling mismanagement by the government, and the continued ineptness of Labour leader Ed Miliband.  It was a protest vote, apparently driven also by Galloway targeting young Pakistani voters who otherwise may not have voted.  It has been alleged that some of his supporters voted for him as a rebellious action, for his shenanigans with Celebrity Big Brother were looked down upon by some of his Islamic support base.

Bear in mind also that turnout was low (25% or so down on the general election), and it was meant to be a safe Labour seat, which motivates less supporters for major parties to bother voting.

Yet while much analysis will focus on why the major parties, especially Labour, did so badly, the real menacing implication is that a man who has long provided succour to Islamists and dictators, can command such overwhelming support.  Was there not sufficient media scrutiny of Galloway?  If there had been much more, would his campaign have been harmed (and is it not for the other parties to do that?)?  Or do his voters agree with him - that Iran doesn't have such a bad President, that Syrians are lucky to be ruled by Assad, that criticism of Syria is because of the "good things" Assad does, that Saddam Hussein deserved to be saluted for courage and indefatigability, that Hamas is a force for good, that Islamists who shot dead 58 people at a Catholic Cathedral in Baghdad were to be supported, or the ones who bombed 48 people at a restaurant, or who let off a bomb killing 54 Shia on a pilgrimage, etc?

George Galloway has always done well out of politics, he has connected himself to whoever he can who opposes open, free, liberal Western democratic capitalist societies, and embraced variously Marxist, Soviet, Islamist, Ba'athist dictatorships.  He says one thing on the broadcast outlets of his favoured dictatorships and another in the West.

So it's about time that proper efforts are taken now to hold this friend of thugs to account, to reject his evasion and deception, and expose him once again.  However, although I hope most of his supporters are naive young voters who see him as a high profile protest against the mainstream parties (and their parents), I fear more than a few embrace an agenda that is anti-British, anti-Western, sympathetic to Islamism and believers of the rampant conspiracy theory ridden nonsense that passes for "theories" in some parts of the world.  Is anyone confronting this?



Someone over at Gates of Vienna has made a fair comment.
Liarbour let in hordes of muslim immigrants to change the political face of Britain.
Andrew neather and others expected these immigarnts would vote Liarbour.
Instead, we have seen that where Muslims get together in sufficient numbers, they vote Islamist.
Thus, we have an Islamic council and leader in Tower Hamlets.
Now, we have a pro-muslim MP in Bradford West.
We also have Ken Livingston making pro-Islam noises in his campaign to be London's Mayor.
But how long will George Galloway and Ken Livingstone last?
Surely, the Islamists will truly want their own kind, their own parties, when they achieve a critical mass.
Furthermore, I read where a third of the votes cast were postal. How many were fraudulent votes?
And it is clear Muslims can achieve their goal of an islamist mayor or MP, even if their numbers are still a minority.
Sharia is coming to the UK faster than even its worst jeramiahs predict!

DS said...

I don't think George Galloway is repulsive, he's honest, he targetted the Muslim vote openly so at least he has the courage of his convictions. Lab/Lib/Con are all pro EU and Pro mass immigration, UKip Euro Mps walked out of the chambers minutes before a crucial vote on handing over yet more money to Europe and are massive gravy train riders, it has reached the point where if you're concerned about uncontrolled immigration and believe the EU is corrupt then you have to either abstain from voting or vote BNP.

We have no choice, if an animal is backed into a corner it will lash out, the British working class are the absolute salt of the earth but we are openly despised by the establishment.

libertyscott said...

Fairfacts - I don't think it will get that far, for it will come to an inevitable conflict between the local and the national - First Past the Post makes it very hard.

DS - Honest thugs are still thugs. Mugabe has the courage of his convictions, but Galloway talks with a forked tongue giving different messages to different audiences. Honesty isn't one of his strong suits. Abstention is an honourable choice, but the BNP is a mob of inept malcontents with barely shrouded knuckle dragging self-loathing expressed in the envy and hatred of those apparently different from them.

The British working class is its own worst enemy, it's spent generations backing Labour - which has as its chief interest keeping them under dependency. However, most of all it has allowed most of its communities to be infested with a vile anti-education, anti-work ethic, entitlement culture of an underclass that means those with aspiration flee, leaving behind those too poor to move from the feckless teen breeders, alcoholics and "attitude" holders who are a massive impost on the entire country. Proud elderly working class folk are in fear of this mob who have no respect, and who keep getting fed, clothed and housed by the Labour politicians who they keep voting for - who blame everything on everyone else.

Poles, Czechs and Latvians who wanted work left with nothing and went to work for pay in jobs others felt beneath them - the underclass are too lazy to even leave their own decaying suburbs or townships for work, and will be until the welfare state is cut from under them and the education system cut loose from the two generations of failed post-modernist liberal subjectivism that blames their lot on "society", not on simply making an effort and learning to stop expecting government, society or anyone else to hand them opportunities on a plate.

Stopping welfare tourism from migrants is a start, but it's only foreigners milking a system that has corrupted two or more generations.

DS said...

You don't really believe that 'saintly migrants' nonsense surely? I know plently of decent hard working Britons in the 18 to 25 age group, nobody chooses a life on benefits, I wouldn't be entitled to anything if I was unemployed as my savings are well over the 'threshold' but if I could claim, I would be entitled to £71 a week, those who spout off about scroungers should try living on such an amount, locally each vacancy, the majority of which offer pathetically low wages attracts at least 50 applicants wich suggests people do want to work.

The 'underclass' as you call ordinary people have seen heavy industry decimated, jobs outsourced and a disastrous influx of migrants from a completely incompatiable culture. Tell my former neighbour that the Pole who burgled his house and his cronies who drunkenly harass local pensioners and women safe in the knowledge that the authorities are too scared to do anything are such paragons of virtue, he may disagree.

With respect, I know more about the British working class than you, having grown up amongst dockers, trawlermen, miners, steelworkers and factory workers, I would trust them above any migrant, any day.

DS said...

Why was my last comment not published? There is no working class in this country any more, our heavy industry was decimated, coal miners, trawlermen, steelworkers etc thrown on the scrap heap, there's always McDonalds, shelf stacking or £6 per hour factory jobs with no guarantee of even a full days work or whatever the agencies insult us with.

Only the BNP are willing to defend the ordinary people, we quite simply have to leave the EU first, until we do that we can't do anything.

libertyscott said...

DS: I believe "Saintly Migrants" as much as I believe "Satanic migrants" as the losers of the BNP tout. I know plenty of migrants, and I've known working class people too. My parents were Glaswegian born and then became migrants, and I'm a migrant too now. It's called aspiration, something almost everyone had, now it's something to sneer at and look down upon. You'll always find migrants who are criminals, as you'll find locals who are, it's schoolyard level debate to categorise people in a group as good or bad. Politicians are keen on it because it gets soundbites.

The best thing that could be done for those working on low incomes is to immediately raise the income tax free threshold to the minimum wage.

However, more important is a cultural change. There needs to be a culture of aspiration and entrepreneurship. The working classes were kept enslaved by lies, protection and subsidies since the war, by governments that kept industries from competing and modernising, as militant unions wanted to hold onto the past.

The BNP wont offer that. It can't organise itself let alone anyone else, and is filled with mediocrities who no one should seek to aspire to - people who blame everyone but themselves for their lot. Shutting Britain down to the rest of the world and expecting politicians to direct the economy in a way to benefit everyone is ludicrous and has failed before, it wont work again.

The only reason to leave the EU is to leave its regulation and the subsidies it demands we pay farmers mostly in France, Spain and Italy.