Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ed Miliband is an economic and moral vacuum

The UK Leader of the Opposition is empty.  His One Nation rhetoric is the antithesis of what he offers, which is a vision of "them" (the rich, which curiously excludes himself) and "us" (people on welfare, people working for government).

The man who offers envy, class hatred, regulation of private enterprise and more state housing to an economy lumbered by public debt that he denies is the fault of his very party when it was in power.

The man who uses terms of utter lies, like "bedroom tax" (there isn't one) and "tax cut for millionaires" (there isn't one, there isn't a tax on wealth), and fuels disdain and anger against entrepreneurs, private enterprise and success, by pandering to beneficiaries and state employees.

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Allan said...

Just another moron Socialist who thinks that an endless supply of money comes from the fairies at the bottom of the garden. He obviously does not read history otherwise he would realise that the policies he espouses always end in tears, as is very evident in the debacle that is the EEC right now.