Friday, October 03, 2014

Forgotten Posts from 2009 : Conservative Party ignoring its core?

Simon Heffer has written in the Daily Telegraph "Why is it deemed politically acceptable for Labour to suck up to and bribe its core vote, but not for the Conservative Party to do the same to its own?"

He doesn't mean bribe, he means demonstrate that productive, aspiring, entrepreneurial people matter.

Except, of course, in the counting of heads, called elections, they don't. What matters is attracting the masses bribed by middle class welfare in the form of child benefits, the large bulk of middle income people who are beloved of the NHS, because they have been told that the only alternative is the bogeyman of the US health system, and that only the government can make sure their kids get a good education.

"Caring" in the form of "we'll spend other people's money" is the order of the day, and many are convinced that the state should spend their money how they want it - and it is Labour that is far more adept at convincing voters that it can do that.  That's because Labour is philosophically committed to a larger state.  The Conservatives are, far too often, philosophically terrified of arguing that people should keep more of their own money.


Angry Tory said...

How different things could be:

“our country is not to be torn apart by an extension of the calculated chaos planned for the economy by a handful of trained Marxists and their fellow travellers”.

"the Labour party in its present form, infiltrated by extremists, riven with factions, still stands upon the stage as the [principal] alternative to the Conservative party in governing Britain. That, Mr Chairman, is the measure of the shadow which has fallen across freedom since we last met"

“Several months ago, I used the phrase ‘the enemy within’. ... I was referring to those people who are the enemies of freedom and democracy itself. And in case anyone doubted me, they were there for all to see [in the Labour party] last week.”

“With the Conservatives if you work hard and do the right thing we say you should keep more of your own money to spend as you choose”.

“we in this party are a trade union. The party is the union of hard working parents the father who reads his children stories at night because he wants them to learn. The mother who works all hours God sends to give her children the best start. This party is the trade union for children from the poorest estates and most chaotic homes”.

Cameron and Thatcher would know what to do with a massive majority government, a 65% swing to the Right, and a mandate to once and for all smash the Labour party out of politics!

Angry Tory said...

3Bn from bludgers; 2Bn tax cuts: that's more like it!