Friday, February 17, 2006

Islamofascists indeed... still

Some objectivists have used the term Islamofascist to describe Muslim activists who want a theocracy based on Islam - I wholeheartedly agree with that term.
Hat tip to Robert Winefield’s blog on SOLO Passion, who got this from a German blog and German TV news site.
See if any New Zealand media will have the courage to print this. The Islamofascists join the National Front - evil twisted scum the lot of them. Defend this you simpering leftwing totalitarian arse licking bastards on the left!
UPDATE: Well Ruth may be right, it could be fake, although apparently CNN reported it too.


Ruth said...

Of course no one is going to print it - can't you tell it has been photoshopped?

How old are you people? 12? Even my son can recognise a photoshop when he sees one.

libertyscott said...

Ruth you may be right, and I've just seen these claims as well.