10 February 2006

£100 parking ticket!

Annoyed about a parking ticket you recently got? Think your council is screwing money out of you? Well you're probably not in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. British local government likes screwing the public for cash to pay for their petty planning, whilst still being incapable of maintaining high standards of street maintenance (most NZ councils have far better local road surfaces because the funding is tied to performance).
I was in a pay and display park on the street on Saturday morning in Chelsea – I was ticketed for being six minutes over the displayed time. I found this out about eight minutes over (when I went to check to buy another hour at the standard rate of £3 an hour). I couldn't find the fascist parking cop who did it - although K&C has a reputation for being strict on this, and I suspect it finds it easy to get fascists by hiring people outside the Borough who can't wait to punish the "evil rich people" who have cars in Chelsea.

So anyone in New Zealand ever got a £100 parking ticket for being six minutes over time (that you paid for) on a quiet back street?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That is feral! At least you weren't clamped.
But 6 minutes. SIX. MINUTES!
I hope you follow this up LS.