Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Adults can still all choose to drink

Kudos to both Clark and Brash for voting against changing the drinking age. Not PC’s latest post summarises some of the good reasons why this has happened. It demonstrates that some in Parliament agree that when there is a problem, the answer is not to pass a law against it. Shame the Greens aren't the slightest bit consistent on this.
When you’re an adult you’re an adult – you accept the freedoms and the responsibility. If its your kids getting alcohol underage then first decide if it is a reason to panic (moderate drinking is hardly a problem), and then why they are doing it.
Drinking alcohol is not, in itself, a bad thing.
Getting drunk, occasionally, is not, in itself, a bad thing.
Acting destructively towards others and their property when drunk is - but it would be regardless of your intoxication.
Being addicted to alcohol is bad, but it is no reason to restrict access for others.
A culture that treats alcohol as a means to dull the brain, rather than to enjoy the taste of the drink and to relax and be sociable - is also a problem, but it is not the fault of alcohol.

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