Friday, May 04, 2007

Off I go

I'm flying back to NZ for a wee while, just to do what I must do.


Rick said...

If you must you must.

I've got a question for the master traveler.

What's the best place to transfer your dollars to foreign currency? I'm going to Canada in a bit. Do it at the airport? Arrival or departure?

You the man, Scott.

Libertyscott said...

Do it at Amex or Travelex forex dealerships in town, not the airport.

Look online to find a city forex dealer in Canada and compare with one downtown where you live. Avoid airports, particularly on arrival - arrivals are usually a bigger ripoff because people arrive and are desperate. Departures are usually better, in airports where it is competitive (e.g. Heathrow), but not those where there is only one outlet.

Rick said...

Thanks mate.
That's just what I'll do.