Monday, May 21, 2007

What's next

Well I've been home and I'm on my way back.
Some simple questions....
Why is service in almost all cafes and restaurants in New Zealand superior to that in almost all cafes and restaurants in the UK? (not the Richard Pearse Restaurant in Timaru, where it varies but the food was good)
Why does TV3 bother with news at all? (Why do NZers bother with TV at all?)
Why is air pollution in Timaru worse than in London?
Why has nobody said the Wellington Inner City Bypass is a half arsed stopgap that should be replaced by a cut and cover motorway?
Why did nobody think that the Wellington Inner City Bypass means that the end of the motorway dumps traffic on the capital's rather revolting red light "district" with that vile looking adult bookshop on the corner of Vivian and Cuba Street now one of the features greeting visitors? (before it wasn't so visible going towards the motorway)
Why is Air NZ almost unfailingly good to me, going out of its way to give me service beyond expectations? (I know others with different experiences)
Why is there a man who has worked in two government departments in the last few years or so tried both times to ban Christmas parties/celebrations, and succeeded? Will he succeed again at his latest locale?
Why is it inflationary for New Zealanders to spend their own money the way they choose, but not for Dr Cullen to spend their money the way he chooses?
Why is what was once 2XSFM now 92 More FM Manawatu - what was wrong with 2XS, why does nearly every radio station in the country have to be some bland variation on a national brand? (and yes I know it is because listeners don't care).
Why does what a cop did with a bestiality film over 2 decades ago matter -except to a news media that thrives on anything prurient in a country with, by and large, bugger all news.
How can a small cafe in Upper Norsewood do coffee better than most places in London?
Why does Radio NZ news include items that are little short than government press releases? The BBC doesn't, and it is hardly politically neutral.
Why does it appear that no one is standing for Mayor of Wellington who believes the council should do less and take less money from ratepayers?

Will the NZ Maori underclass get as bad as the British white trash underclass?

Why is there no history department at Rongotai College?

What does Mark Blumsky do to bring the government to account and demonstrate National is a government in waiting?

Why is it ok for the Australian women's soccer team to tour North Korea but not the Australian one-day cricket team to tour Zimbabwe? Is it because enough Zimbabweans are fortunate enough to live in Australia, whereas North Koreans are few and far between? or is there an inkling of truth in Mugabe's comment that this is racist?

Why does the 38 By the Sea Motel in Petone bother having Prime TV tuned in, when the reception is so shite, even though there is a clean line of sight to the transmitter tower?

Why are there Tararua, Masterton, Carterton and South Wairarapa District Councils, within one hour's drive between them all?

By what measure of naivety does anyone think that boy racers can be stopped unless either:
1. Boy racers are rounded up and put in prison until their balls drop and they are useful;
2. Roads are privatised and road owners face nuisance lawsuits from adjoining property owners unless they charge boy racers enormous tolls;
3. Brainless bimbettes stop seeing the measure of boy racers' cocks in the way their (largely) sad little mass production cars look like tacky white trash bogan wet dreams;
4. A culture of respect, personal responsibility and guilt for hurting, harming or disturbing others is inculcated by the education system and parents.

This blog is about to be revamped, revitalised and a new life, purpose and energy put into it.

It is time to suck the marrow out of life.


Anonymous said...

Ah, Scott - I suspect you're too young to know that once upon a time there was a fab little radio station in PN called 2XS. Just 2XS. Like the Nazareth album of the same name, except it came first - and Nazareth were most impressed when they came to town in 1982.

It was an AM station with an FM format because the govt hadn't at that point allowed FM to exist.

It was an unashamed rock in a sea of mush. I'm biased because I was a foundation member, and at 18, the youngest full-time RA in NZ.

(And back then female radio broadcasters were as rare as free-marketeers in the current Parliament!)

Rick said...

The answer to all of those questions is that the Member for Waimakariri has a head that looks like a curb stone.

And if that's not the reason, well he still does anyway. Git.

Anonymous said...

ah,yes.828 2XS.i remember when it started and we all switched over to a station that catered for the under 50's.a few years later and after a few delays including some childish behaviour from 2ZA it became an FM station.