Sunday, September 09, 2007

National socialist Party again - John Keycescu

I see the Dominion Post reporting that on Cindo Kiro's Stalinist plan to track all NZ children, that
"The proposal calls for a database to track the development of New Zealand children, which Mr Key would not oppose. "You have to balance the intrusion of privacy over the need to try to get a resolution to an issue that is of quite great concern. In this case the issue warrants that." "
Kim John Key, John Keycescu, Mao Key John.
What a fucking waste a vote for National is then - want a reason to join Libertarianz? Don't want your family tracked by the state and Cindy Kiro's social worker mates? Well go on go here.
Yes I know Family First is against it, but they'll track your internet use and burn books.


Lindsay said...

Clark is looking better by the day and the chances of me voting for her are as good as my chances of winning lotto. (I don't buy a ticket).

Good to have you back.

Manolo said...

Disgraceful, utterly disgraceful.

Kiro should be sacked and Key made to repeat a hundred times: "My first name is Neville".