01 December 2005

I don't care about Winston either

I agree with PC - I am not interested in what Winston does every day. Yes it is weird that such an important portfolio as Foreign Affairs is held by a Minister outside Cabinet leading a party that still wants to be seen as the Opposition, even though it is granting confidence and supply to Labour.
That's it. Nothing more interesting so far.
The obsessive reporters who think that every utterance about Winston or everything he does is interesting are WRONG. They remind me of the royal watcher parasites who spend lifetimes reporting on whether Prince X sneezed, who Princess Y gave a blowjob to and whether the Queen likes marmalade or strawberry jam - people with NO lives - and they play right into Winston's hands.
I once sat on a plane next to Winston, a few years ago when there was domestic business class - he shifted to the empty front row after takeoff - obviously fearing sitting next to a single unaccompanied male. Is that exciting news??? I don't think so.
The media hate him, it is so obvious and he knows it. They don't give half the scrutiny to anything Clark or Cullen does. So Winston can simply claim the media hate him, don't treat him fairly, and his supporters can nod their heads and say "yeah the poncy Auckland bastard journos always trying to bring our man down".
The Nats are out for blood, because he was once one of them - and now he wont sleep with them to put them in power - they are jealous of Helen. If Winston supported a Nat led government, they would be defending him, with grating teeth.
Until Winston says something interesting - such as opposing something the government is doing, or is found to have a young gorgeous lover, or punches some reporter in the face - I simply don't care. At best he is doing no harm - at worst he keeps Labour in power, but there is no alternative government.
National has little credibility criticising a man it made into Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer after the first MMP election - Labour and National, political prostitutes ready to sleep with whoever it takes to be in power. Winston knows this, and good on him for exploiting their unprincipled gutter instincts.

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